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What is LMR?

Leadership Metro Richmond (LMR) is a community leadership development and engagement organization with a mission to strengthen our region by connecting diverse leaders and preparing them to serve.

Created in 1980 as an innovative program to address racial and gender divides in our area’s community leadership, LMR is now a network of 2,000+ members from the business, nonprofit and governmental sectors of our community who have the desire to serve and the ability to lead.

LMR’s role in our region has continued to evolve throughout the years. As regional issues become more complex and our community becomes more diverse, the need to connect, educate and inspire leaders is as critical today as it was in 1980.

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What's Happening at LMR?

Recognize a Community Leader in our Region

Take the opportunity to recognize and honor someone you know in the Richmond region who has stepped up and taken action in our community.  2020 has been a year of many challenges, but through these difficult times we have seen many individuals rise to the occasion by supporting those is need and finding innovative and creative solutions to unprecedented problems.  As LMR celebrates its 40th anniversary, they encourage everyone in our community to thank and recognize the leaders we see all around us.

LMR is partnering with Gifted RVA to create eight community leader gift boxes exclusively available this fall. Every item in these gift boxes is from a local small business, and every box will include a handwritten note from the sender. There are eight gift box options starting at $50, and a portion of proceeds will be donated to support the work of LMR. This is a great way to say thank you and give a nice surprise for a local leader who deserves recognition, while also supporting our small business owners.

Gift boxes are available for purchase now through October 31st and deliveries will begin in mid-November.

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Nonprofit Board Governance Workshops

Nonprofits play a vital role in our region, and prepared board members are critical for their success. LMR aims to ensure community leaders have the tools and insights they need to be effective and impactful nonprofit board members. Whether you want to get involved with a board or are currently serving, enhance your expertise by attending the 2023 Nonprofit Board Governance Workshop series. The sessions combine board governance standards and best practices with first-hand experiences from experts actively serving in the field.


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About Leadership Quest

Leadership Quest, LMR's flagship program, connects a diverse group of community leaders, increases their knowledge and perspectives on regional issues and inspires them to embrace inclusion, collaboration, and servant leadership. Through this ten-month program, which includes leadership training, access to high-impact decision-makers, and networking opportunities, individuals develop the necessary framework to make a positive and lasting impact in the greater Richmond region.

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Connecting Leaders to Board Service

Leadership Metro Richmond is committed to connecting mission-driven organizations with community leaders who have the ability to lead and the desire to serve. We host biannual Board Connector events and offer individual consulting through our Board Concierge services.

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Society of Leadership Advocates

The Society of Leadership Advocates (SOLA) honors our most generous benefactors, who give $500 or more each year. As a leadership advocate, your donation supports our mission to provide programs and opportunities for community leaders to connect, to gain a deeper understanding of key community issues, and to better serve our region.

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