Board Connector

Board Connector is our bi-annual networking event that brings together community leaders in search of board opportunities with nonprofit organizations in a casual, open-house atmosphere to engage and connect.  Board Connector fosters increased civic engagement across all sectors and advances equity in leadership through board service. 

Last year, we successfully adapted Board Connector to a virtual event due to COVID-19 by partnering with Degy World and using their innovative technology to create an interactive and immersive event experience. We enjoyed returning to Degy World in the spring of 2021 and look forward to hosting our next board connector event in whatever format is safest for us to gather this coming fall.



Thank you for joining us in our return to Degy World for the 2nd Virtual Board Connector this past April!

Stay tuned for the Fall 2021 event!

Whether you are a servant leader searching for board service opportunities or a nonprofit organization looking to reach outside your network for new board prospects, you don't want to miss this unique virtual event.  Admission is Free. 



About Degy World


Degy World is an immersive event platform where guests create avatars upon entering the virtual world, move throughout the space using keyboard controls and talk to one another through the mic on their headphones or device.  The Proximity Chat feature allows you to engage in conversation when your avatars are near one another.  When you're browsing the room, you'll hear ambient chatter just as you would at an in-person event.  


FAQ's: Tech Specs, User Tips & How to Prepare for the Event


What IS Degy World?

Degy World is a software application you must download on your computer in order to participate.  Degy World can be downloaded on your MAC or Windows Desktop or Laptop, but is not compatible with Chromebooks, Linus computers or mobile devices including iPads.  Headphones are necessary to successfully use voice in Degy World, and it's best for you to have a stable internet connection. 

For basic OS and hardware requirements, CLICK HERE.

I'm using a company laptop/desktop.  Will this work with our Firewall? 

If you are using a work-issued device, you'll want to contact your IT Department as soon as you register and provide them with the application whitelist and anti-virus information so that your company's firewall does not block the software download or important e-mails from Degy World.  CLICK HERE and send this link to your IT Director.  It contains all the information they need to clear Degy World, including contact information for Degy World Operations so they can speak to the staff directly.

Why is there a 2-Step Registration Process?

Once you RSVP to attend Board Connector through LMR, Degy World will email you directly to welcome you, have you create your Degy World account & password, and provide the link for the software download.  Emails will be sent from So be sure to mark that address safe so those emails don't go into your junk folder.  Account Creation guide can be found by CLICKING HERE.

How much time should I plan on for participating in Board Connector? 

The link for your account creation and software download will arrive to your inbox 2 weeks prior to the event, on April 15th.  The download should take approximately 15 minutes as long as your hardware is compatible and you have taken the necessary steps with your IT Department.  Be sure to close all other applications while downloading and running Degy World to ensure a smooth download and a seamless experience.  Tips on downloading the software, including checking your security settings, can be found by CLICKING HERE.

We highly recommend downloading the software ahead of time, so on the day of the event, you can just log in and enjoy your time at Board Connector!

Once you're in Board Connector, you'll want spend as much time there as you can!  Not only is Degy World a safe and effective networking tool, it's fun and a great way to enjoy some down time with your friends!  The Degy World campus offers mountains to climb, landscapes to explore, boats in the marina for you to hop in and cruise the open water around the island - and for those that plan to stay past 7PM, you're invited to join us on the beach for a dance party and fireworks show to close the night.  Trust us when we say - you wont want to leave! 


A Complete Trouble Shooting Guide with answers to questions on hardware, software, microphone trouble, and so much more can be found by CLICKING HERE.  We highly suggest reading through the guide ahead of time and getting familiar with the program.  If you'd like to speak with someone at Degy World directly, CLICK HERE to send them an email for fast desktop support!

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