Board Engagement

For 40 years, LMR has recruited diverse leaders to develop their community leadership frameworks and abilities. We utilize our experience, networks, and relationships to recruit diverse leaders to engage in nonprofit board service. Our board engagement work is in response to our goal to continue being the source for diverse and informed leaders to expand community engagement and innovative solution-building in the Richmond region.

We play an important role in our region's governance ecosystem. We are connecting diverse individuals that are seeking nonprofit board service to agencies seeking board members through our Board Connector events. LMR offers one-on-one board concierge services for individuals and nonprofits to create connections that could lead to new board service.  Learn more about our events and programs below.

Interested in refreshing or growing your expertise in nonprofit board governance?

Click here to learn more about and register to attend our Nonprofit Board Governance Workshop series! The next session, "Seeding and Growing your Board" takes place on Thursday, March 30, 2023, from 9:00 - 11:00 am.

Events & Programs

Our bi-annual Board Connector events foster increased civic engagement across all sectors and advance equity in leadership through board service. We hold the events in the fall and spring of each year and create opportunities for face-to-face connections between nonprofit representatives and board prospects.

Board Connector

Our year-round Board Concierge Services offer free individual consulting for board prospects and nonprofit organizations seeking new board members, connecting organizations to individuals with the skills and experience needed.    

Board Concierge

Contact Gena Reeder, at, for additional information or presentation requests regarding LMR's Board Engagement Program.


Why Serve on a Nonprofit Board?

  • Professional Development

    Board service is more than just an item on your resume. This mutually beneficial relationship provides opportunities for you to gain leadership experience, increase collaboration skills, and engage with the community.

  • Grow your Network

    Joining a mission-focused board affords you the opportunity to connect with leaders outside of your organization with similar areas of interest. You will make connections as a board member that benefit you in ways that your professional role may not.

  • Find Your Mission

    Actively supporting a mission that you believe in is incredibly rewarding. Consider taking the time to discover a nonprofit cause that matters to you! Board service is a contribution that goes far beyond a dollar amount, and nonprofits need passionate individuals willing to volunteer.

  • Service to the Community

    We believe strong communities are built by servant leaders who are engaged.

  • Open Conversations

    We believe that we must have a safe environment where individuals can engage in challenging dialogue and are respected and heard. Regardless of differences of opinion, our conduct must demonstrate civility and reflect our appreciation of diversity.

Board Connector

LMR’s Board Connectors are casual, open-house networking events organized to foster increased civic engagement across all sectors and advance equity in leadership through board service. Registration is required to attend the event at no cost to attendees and nonprofit participants. LMR hosts Board Connector events biannually in the fall and spring.
Board Connector Registration

Board Concierge Services

LMR’s Board Concierge Services offers one-on-one consulting for both board prospects and nonprofits seeking new board members, connecting organizations to individuals with the experience needed.

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