Everyone deserves clean clothes

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Need: Equipment

Commercial washing machines and dryers are needed to ensure staff and dorm residents remain safe during this time.

Changing Lives.  Exceeding expectations.

Our team guides those in our care along new paths toward a better way of living.  Through our affiliate agencies we provide wraparound services and programs with the goal of changing lives and exceeding expectations. We invite you to learn more about Lenjoy, Franklin Grove, Real Chances (RUMI) and Brook Housing. The common theme among these agencies is that each is a place where we help! More information at www.where-we-help.com

Location: 2916 Chamberlayne Avenue

Url: www.where-we-help.com

Deadline Date: May 30, 2020

Contact Name: Michele Banks

Contact Email: Mbanks@where-we-help.com

Contact Phone: 8046400154

Additional Information: