Immersion Experience

Each year the Leadership Quest program participants take part in a regional issue immersion and analysis experience using a design thinking approach. Class members are expected to:

  • Employ inquiry as a community leadership skill
  • Use analytical methods to understand complex issues involving multiple stakeholders and conflicting agendas
  • Think about long-term improvements at a systemic, policy level

A group of diverse members of the Leadership Quest Class of 2020 sit at round tables and a Caucasian man is holding the microphone and speaking to the group.
Class of 2022

Leadership Quest Immersion Experience

The Class of 2022 researched the various regional issue areas for their Immersion Experience
and below are their findings and recommendations.


Group Members: Jason Ancarrow, Lorraine Blackwell, Jess Burgess, Bentley Chan, Steve Gaidos, Robin Jones, Jennifer Kell, Daniel Obrien, Matt Scaparro, and Carolyn Sears

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Group Members: Steve Bleile, MaryAnn Fatheddin, Simeon Harris, Erica Holmes, Norma Lee, Annette Ross, Stacy Thomas, Julie Timm, and Karen Wells

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Group Members: Sarah Bennett, Melody Hackney, Anita L. Johnson, Brian Maltby, Yahusef Medina, Katie Moody, Brittany Schaal, Matt Simpson, Mel Smith, and Kristin Vosmik

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Group Members: Greg Baka, Scott Dodson, Alexis Fisher-Rizk, Abbi Haggerty, Victor McKenzie, Jay Shively, Rett Turner, Faith Walker, and Kim Young

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Group Members: Marisa E. Day, Jamaal Ellison, Florencia Fuensalida, Tiffany Harris-Greene, Mervyn Han, Meldon D. Jenkins-Jones, Tom Klein, Bailey Martin, Anna Knecht Page, and Patricia A. Perry

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Group Members: JoAnn Adrales Ruh, Chris Beach, Veronica Blount, Leslie Crabbs, Kipton Currier, Tarvaris McCoy, Anne Michie, Madison Nardone, Cari Tretina, and Mark Zaruba

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Group Members: Leesa Christian, Verenda Cobbs, Patrick Duke, Laura Faison, Lacey Huszcza,
Robbin Mouton, Hannah Qizilbash, Kerry Swarr, Mel Tull, and Dianne Wilmore

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