Leadership Quest

Each year, LMR accepts a diverse group of community leaders into its flagship program, Leadership Quest. Through a ten-month experience - which includes formal community leadership development, access to high-impact decision-makers, and networking opportunities to name a few - you can develop the necessary framework to make a positive and lasting impact in the greater Richmond region.

Participants in the Leadership Quest program bring a wealth of knowledge, lived experiences, and passion as they shift from community members to community leaders who are focused on sustainable change across the region. Using LMR values as its foundation, Leadership Quest uses a dynamic mix of interactive retreats, expert presentations, and inquiry for problem solving.

Now recruiting for the Class of 2025!
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Time Commitment

Participants must attend a mandatory overnight opening retreat and are expected to attend the nine seminar days, held once per month. View the program calendar here


$5,000 - Includes educational content, meals, materials, and overnight lodging for a 3-day opening retreat.

Tuition Support

Partial scholarships and payment plans are available. To be considered for a scholarship you must complete the scholarship application section included in the program application. You can read more about available scholarships below or contact admin@lmronline.org.

Application Deadline

The online application will be available on Monday, February 26, 2024. The deadline to apply is midnight on the night of Tuesday, April 30, 2024. There is a $50 fee to apply.


View the .pdf version of the application here.  

Information Sessions

Learn more about LMR and our Leadership Quest program at one of our upcoming information sessions. Virtual information sessions will be held on February 16th and March 13th. Our n-person session will be held at The Park RVA at 5:30 pm. Click below to register!


Information Sessions

Learn more about the Quest application process and LMR and connect with alumni of the program. The first two sessions will occur online, and the third is in person at United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg. 

Thursday, February 15, 2024 - 9:00 a.m.
Tuesday, March 12, 2024 - 1:00 p.m.
Tuesday, April 9, 2024 - 5:30 p.m.
Information Sessions

Why Apply?

  • Team up with top leaders
  • Create a larger impact within your organization
  • Enhance your community leadership skills
  • Learn more about regional issues
  • Learn about regional issues
  • Identify your role in advancing the region

Employer Benefits

  • Increased employee communication & collaboration skills
  • Increased employee knowledge of regional assets and challenges
  • Connections to diverse local leaders
  • Employees prepared for career advancement 
  • Continuing education and engagement opportunities for alumni of the program
  • Employees can grow their network and circle influence which can establish new connections for your organization

Application & Participation

  • Leadership Quest candidates are required to demonstrate leadership ability and a commitment to their community. 
  • You must live or work in the greater Richmond region which includes, Ashland, Charles City, Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, New Kent, Powhatan, and Richmond.
  • There is no age, academic, or career requirement to apply.
  • All accepted individuals must provide written support from their employer, if applicable. If you cannot, please consider re-applying in another year. 
  • It is important to review your schedule for availability, to confirm that you will be an active and engaged participant in this 10-month program. View the program calendar, here

Selection Process

Acceptance into the Leadership Quest program is a competitive process. Each year, the LMR Board of Directors selects about 60-70 individuals to participate. Many graduates of LMR's Leadership Quest program re-applied before being selected to participate.

Applicants will be notified of class selection via email by Thursday, June 20, 2024.

Immersion Experience

Each year the Leadership Quest program participants take part in a regional issue immersion and analysis experience using a design thinking approach. Class members are expected to:

  • Employ inquiry as a community leadership skill
  • Use analytical methods to understand complex issues involving multiple stakeholders and conflicting agendas
  • Think about long-term improvements at a systemic, policy level

The Leadership Quest Class of 2023 researched various regional issue areas for their Immersion Experience and below are their findings and recommendations. Findings and recommendations from the Class of 2024's Immersion Experience will be available to view online in the fall.

crime & public safety

Group Members: Brenna Biggs, Eliza Bowman, Jay Brown, Whitney Fogg, Ethan Graham, Alisha Hawkins, Sonja Holt, Ryan McKinnon, Leslie Mehta, Jennifer Waldbauer

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early childhood education

Group Members: Anna Danese, Dionne Henderson, LaChelle Lewis, Jennifer Ligon, Carolina Lugo,      LaTilda Owens, J.C. Poma, Cheryl Roberts, Kiva Rogers, Mark Schauss

Learn More


Group Members: Leigh Busby, Maggie Christ, Kim Conley, Unwanna Dabney, Anthony Forrest, Naureen F. Hyder, Eric Martin, Elizabeth Parker, Cynthia Price, Derek Rush

Learn More

food insecurity

Group Members: Paul Bratton, Natasha Knight, Ibironke Lawal, Natasha Lemus, Chris Mayfield,
Lauren Moore,  Lindsay Lane Robinson, Shannon Ukrop,       Hana Yun

Learn More


Group Members: Jake Crocker, Ashley Kenneth, Elliot Kumpe, Elizabeth Mason, Johanna Orleski, Alyssa Schwenk, Amy Williams, Antoinette Tull, Turqueya Vincent

Learn More


Group Members: Bridget Aman, Jerrod Booker, Meghan Harris, Toni Jackson, Emily Lehmann,
Cameron McPherson, Erika Payne, Tyler Sinsabaugh, Tracey van Marcke, Sheba Williams

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Leadership Quest Class of 2024

Image of the LMR Leadership Quest  Class of 2023 during their closing ceremony. A diverse group of individuals dressed in business attire group together for the photo.

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