Immersion Experience

Each year the Leadership Quest program participants take part in a regional issue immersion and analysis experience. These self-selected teams are based on concern for a specific issue. Class members are expected to:

  • Employ inquiry as a community leadership skill
  • Use analytical methods to understand complex issues involving multiple stakeholders and conflicting agendas
  • Think about long-term improvements at a systemic, policy level

Class of 2019

Leadership Quest Immersion Experience

Below you will find the final reports from the Leadership Quest Class of 2019's immersion experience.

Civil War

Group Members: Ren Bell, Jordan Brown, Chris Fullman, Pierre Green, Jeffrey Katz, Todd Kilduff, David Maloney, Andrew Pegalis, Renee Robinson, and David Sams

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Group Members: Matt Aman, Monica Brinkley Davis, Josh Epperson, Christopher Rashad Green, D. Pulane Lucas, Casey Erin Lucier, Suzanne Makarem, Marilyn Milio, Tanza Westrey, and Ashley Williams

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Healthy Communities

Group Members: Stephen Alexander, Kelly Fried, Bobby Hulme-Lippert, Stephen Lecky, Shawn Nicholson, Ben Pace, Ty Parr, John Richardson-Lauve, Karen Wilson, and Andrea Wortzel

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Opioid Addiction

Group Members: Kerry Blumberg, Cheri Dahl, Jay Essex, Todd Feldman, Doug Granger, Nick Haltom, Robin Pope-Moss, Jacki Quinlan, and Missy Reynolds

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Public Transportation

Group Members: Patricia Bradby, Joshua Farrar, Bridget Fitzpatrick, Chris Jones, Reba Mendoza, Sarah Milston, Cindy Minto, Jess Powers, Ruth Prideaux, and Mike Szvetitz

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Regional Collaboration

Group Members: Molly Dean Bittner, Mollie Brooks, Kim Dean-Anderson, Chris Frelke, Adrienne Cole Johnson, Allison Lawrence, Kim McKnight, Haley McLaren, and Micah White

Click Here for their Stakeholder Engagement and Community Voice Assessment Tool

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Workforce Development

Group Members: Sheryl Adams, Saman Aghaebrahim, Ian Batt, Nekeeia Brooks, Andrew Daire, Alan Davis, James Davis, David Kunnen, Suyapa Marquez, and Keron Tull

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Class of 2020

Leadership Quest Immersion Experience

The Class of 2020 has selected the following topics for their Immersion Experience.
Their reports will be shared here when their work has been completed.

Access to Health Care/Mental Health Care

Group Members: Beth Monroe, Bob Lancaster, Clay Bowles, Jeff Conley, Keandra Holloway, Marian Branch, Sidra Butt, Suja Amir, Tim McKay, and Vanessa Hampton

Criminal Justice Reform

Group Members: Alyson Newton, Beth Van-Turnbull, Brelan Hillman, Dontrese Brown, Greta Kidd, Hope Vaughan, Marcus Nelson, Sarah Hale, Trina Willard, and Yvonne Mastromano

Food Deserts

Group Members: Anne Dunnington, Courtney Friedlein, Emily Millhiser, Eric Drumheller, Jamie Bruno, Megan Schultz, Mike Goldman, Monica Jefferson, Sherrell Thompson, and Will Melton

Immigration/Human Trafficking

Group Members: Elizabeth Holt, Hollie Woodruff, Ivy Sager, Kelsey Larus, Lauren Powell, Liz Reilly-Brown, Matthew Oatts, Mel Stubbins, Nathan Moubray, and Rachel Kingery

Opioid Crisis

Group Members: Cherry Dale, Chet Parsons, Corey Lane, Eileen Davis, Jennifer Mayton, Kate Williams, KC Bleile, Melanie Jenkins, Riqi Taylor, and Sarah Mersereau

Planning for Aging Population

Group Members: Ernest Moore, Jamie Malone, Jennifer Culhane, JoAnn Hunter, Kelly DeVito, Lucy Joseph, Marion Cake, Max Hepp-Buchanan, and Rob Norfleet

Workforce Development

Group Members: Ali Woodworth, Dessie Nash, Evelyn Joyner, Faith Alejandro, Murti Khan, Rob Jones, Robert Whittemore, Serina Gaines, Shirley Crawford, and Tyonka Rimawi

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