Why Should You Apply to Leadership Quest?

Leadership Quest, LMR’s flagship program, connects a diverse group of community leaders, increases their knowledge and perspectives on regional issues, and inspires them to embrace inclusion, collaboration, and servant leadership. Through this ten-month program, which includes leadership training, access to high-impact decision-makers, and networking opportunities, individuals develop the necessary framework to make a positive and lasting impact in the greater Richmond region.


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Benefits of Participating in LMR's Leadership Quest

Team Up with
Top Leaders

Leadership Quest selects top regional talent across for-profit, nonprofit and public service organizations, connecting them to transform community leadership.

Learn More About Regional Issues

As a member of this diverse group of community stakeholders, you will gain an insider's view into the various issues that impact our region.

Play a Bigger Role Within Your Organization

Your in-depth knowledge of these regional issues will make you an informed and highly-valued resource in any organization.

Enhance Skills for Community-Wide Leadership

You will learn about essential tools such as innovation for social change, policy analysis, regional planning, coalition building, intercultural communication and managing change.

Identify Your Role in Advancing the Region

See how your knowledge and expertise can contribute to advancing the Richmond region and leave the program with your personal strategic plan for taking your community leadership to the next level.

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Help Us Recruit Community Leaders
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