Taking Action on Our Interests

About five years ago, LMR hosted dinner with some community leaders and alumni. Nathan Burrell, the Superintendent of the James River Park, was one of them. I attended because I spend a lot of time in the Park and wondered what he would have to say. I was struck by how small their City operating budget was and his desire to have a master plan for the Park, which I thought was a good idea. I went home that night, became a member of the Friends of the James River Park, (FOJRP) and joined the Board that year. 

A few years later, I chaired the master plan committee and am now in my 2nd year as Board president. This past year, FOJRP worked with the City to develop the James River Park System master plan, which you can read HERE. Last month, the Plan was adopted by City Council, and our board is now organizing around its implementation. 

I am so thankful to LMR for connecting me with a need so near and dear to my heart. It’s been a joy and privilege to have been a part of this planning and implementation process.  I encourage my fellow alumni to take advantage of the amazing opportunities LMR provides every month to connect with current leaders and the issues affecting our region. A special shout out to my beloved ’06 class who I look forward to seeing at the Spring Luncheon.

For a brief history on the park system and highlights from the plan, take a look at THIS ARTICLE by Colleen Curran from the Times Dispatch.  We hope all the region’s residents and visitors are as excited for the future of the Park as we are. 

Katherine Mitchell
Vice President, Education and Engagement
VPM | Virginia’s home for Public Media
LMR Class of 2006